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We provide our clientele with quality construction services, in the Ely, Babbitt and Tower-Lake Vermilion area. It’s all about honesty, respect, integrity, pride in a job well done; our work is a reflection of ourselves.

The history of Tisovich Trucking & Excavating begins before World War I, when our Grandfather Charles Tisovich SR., who at the young age of 14 by himself came to the United States from Slovenia; took his team of horses into the woods to transport logs.

His sons Rudy, Charlie and our Father Frank grew up working along side Charles SR in the woods, establishing a strong work ethic that Frank passed onto his sons Gary and Robert.
The brothers in the 1930’s purchased some of the first trucks in the Ely area to transport logs out of the woods.
Rudy was killed in Italy during World War II.
Charlie and Frank added one of the first shovels in the Ely area to the equipment fleet in 1948 and later a bulldozer expanding into construction while continuing the trucking operation.
Frank later bought out Charlie’s share of the firm, expanding into underground utilities, residential and commercial earthwork and road building.
Some of the earliest memories of Gary & Robert, are of cleaning the dirt and clay off the machines tracks, and watching Frank & Charlie repair the equipment in the old repair shop.
In the early 1980’s Gary started his own trucking business hauling forest products to the regional wood product manufacturing plants.

Tisovich Trucking & Excavating provides quality construction services to general contractors, commercial and residential clientele, providing site development, utilities, excavation, road building, and transport services.

We are a hands on tradesman-oriented company that works directly with the buyer/owner or contractor/developer to make the building process as easy as possible.

Visit our historical OLD TIME PHOTOS page for a trip down memory lane, from yesterday’s horsepower days to today’s diesel powered equipment.

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